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FWD Invest First – Education Plan

A plan that celebrates the important milestones

Celebrating a marriage or having your first child? FWD Invest First offers event-based cover that increases throughout your life’s journey.

Giving extra support when you need it

Our grief counsellors and experts provide support and legal advice to help you not just financially but emotionally as well.

Cover that automatically increases

We ensure that your plan keeps up with the times by offering coverage that automatically rises in line with inflation – meaning instant, extra cover.

Transparent and no hidden clauses

We give you back what is due without hidden clauses or lien on child coverage.

Flexible access to your money

Enjoy the flexibility to withdraw money from any fund either partially or on a regular basis - with no extra charges.

Lump sum for non-Muslim customers

For our non-Muslim customers, we will pay a lump sum benefit of RM2,000 in lieu of Badal Hajj services.

Stack of Books

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