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 The Caliph Difference

What differentiate Caliph Group from the rest? Why you should be part of Caliph Group team? 6 reasons that will make the difference in your success journey as Takaful Entrepreneur.

No 1 Agency In FWD Asia

In 2021, Caliph Group was awarded as No 1 Agency in FWD Asia. 10 countries are Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Macau and Malaysia

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Zero to Hero development program, specifically targeted fresh graduates with Diploma & Degree. Start your Takaful career in early age with our signature 90 days program. State of the art learning programs and using latest technology learning system. More details

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Manage your sales activities, not result. Web based custom made system, from planning your income, daily sales activities, 20 points system, recruitment and much more. Plan the right activities to achieve your desired results. Activity Management system for both agents and leaders

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Digital Gadgets

Digital Presentation Tools

Presentable paperwork is very crucial in making good first impression when meeting prospects. Custom made digital proposal equip our team with presentable paperwork when meeting individual or corporate prospects. Samples

9 Branches Nationwide

Business, recruiting and servicing are easier with our 9 branches nationwide. Johor, Melaka, Kl, Pahang, Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah, Penang & Perak

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Business Introduction
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Caliph Premier / Caliph Premier Leader / Caliph Premier Elite program is 12 months to 18 months program, with fixed allowance for both agents and leaders. Your journey to be Million Dollar Round Table or Million Dollar Agency is supported by this program. Get replacement income from your previous employment and start your journey with Caliph Group

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